Magazine Extension Tube For Beretta / Benelli Supernova & Nova / Franchi 612 & 912, Black, 4 Shot


4 Shot Magazine Extension Tube For Beretta / Benelli Supernova & Nova / Franchi 612 & 912, Black. Featuring a 316L Stainless Steel Tube, a low drag red anodized follower, stainless steel spring and steel barrel clamp with sling swivel, The Sure Cycle magazine tube extensions are the premier extension for your shotgun. Utilizing a ratchet alloy collar, the Sure Cycle system allows for a very quick change by adding round capacity to the existing magazine tube. This allows the user to convert from normal capacity to higher capacity without alteration of the firearm or OEM tube.

Great for waterfowlers chasing snow geese, 3 gunners and home defense applications. The stainless one-piece construction of the tube is coated in Black Cerakote making it virtually impervious to any rust or corrosion caused by some of the worst weather conditions.

This magazine tube extension will fit the following shotgun models: Beretta 391 Xtrema, 391 Xtrema 2 and 1301; Benelli Nova and Supernova; and Franchi 612 and 912. Sure Cycle magazine extension tubes normally will not exceed the muzzle of most shotguns with 28" or longer barrels.

All of the Sure Cycle mag tube extensions connect to the existing factory magazine tube, therefore adding the round amount listed to the amount your firearm currently holds with the existing magazine tube.

(Example) If your shotgun currently holds three rounds in the magazine tube and one in the chamber, then adding a 6 shot tube will bring the total to ten rounds. If the shotgun holds two rounds in the magazine tube and one round in the chamber, adding a three shot tube will then increase the capacity to six rounds.


  • Beretta 391 Xtrema and 391 Xtrema 2
  • Beretta A400 Xtreme and A400 Xtreme Plus
  • Beretta 1301
  • Benelli Nova and Supernova
  • Franchi 612 and 912


  • Magazine Tube Constructed of 316L Stainless Steel
  • Cerakote Black Finish
  • Stainless Steel Magazine Spring
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Low Drag Follower, Red Anodized for Visibility
  • Steel Barrel Clamp with Sling Swivel, Black Cerakote
  • Ratchet Base Collar for Tight Fit
  • 4 Shot Magazine Capacity
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Overall Length: 12"
  • Manufactured in the USA

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