Magazine Upgrade System For Stoeger M3000, M3500, P3000 & P3500 12 GA Shotguns


Weight: 3 ounces

Magazine Upgrade System for Stoeger M3000, M3500, P3000 & P3500 12 gauge shotguns

Note: Fits the 3” and 3-1/2” models, however for use in 3-1/2" Shotguns (M3500, P3500) the new plug will need to be shortened. Simply snap off the small excess you see in front of the pre machined groove. This can be done by either holding the small section firmly in a vice and snapping in off with one motion. Or using a metal saw (hacksaw) to saw through the grooved area.

The kit includes:

Stainless Steel Magazine Spring

Anodized Aluminum Follower

Anodized Aluminum 3 Shot Plug

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