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Surprisingly enough the idea for the Sure Cycle System was not invented in a lab by a group of engineers, but instead was born in a Southeast Arkansas tupelo swamp on Thanksgiving morning 1998. On that fateful morning, Shawn Spakes was duck hunting with the other members of his club at a favorite spot in their flooded woods, the infamous "Swamp Monster Hole".

Shawn remembers the morning well. "I had been having cycling problems with my Benelli SBE during the end of the previous duck season and during that dove season so I had sent it to the gunsmith for repair. It had been doing better for the first part of that season, until that morning. The first bunch of ducks that came in that morning was a flock of at least 50 mallards. As they started to light in the decoys I called the shot and we all came up shooting. I took a big greenhead on my first shot, and when I pulled the trigger again nothing happened! I pulled it again and again as the surviving ducks climbed out of the trees. Mad is not the word for what I felt, but the worst was yet to come! As I examined my gun I could see the bolt was all the way back and would loosely slide forwards and backwards.

I was done for the day and in fact until the end of the next week when the ordered replacement parts arrived. The gunsmith found that my recoil spring had rusted so much that it had failed and broken in half." Fortunately for Shawn, he related his problem to Sure Cycle designer Jeff Hajjar. Jeff is a nationally known manufacturer of tactical shotguns and high quality, high performance parts for the sporting good industry. Jeff related to Shawn that he was having similar cycling problems with his brand new Beretta AL390 and perhaps the problem of Shawn's broken and rusted recoil spring was somehow related to the poor cycling performance that they both had experienced.

During a trip to Arkansas early in 1999, Jeff and Shawn further discussed the cycling problems in the Benelli and Beretta shotguns. Upon his return home, Jeff tediously began the technical design work on a new system made entirely of stainless steel that would completely solve any cycling problems related to rust and corrosion. During the design process Jeff covered any areas that he could improve upon. The resulting increased performance that he designed into the system created an unexpected but very desirable feature. The ability to more reliably cycle all loads, including light target loads, than the original factory system at dramatically increased cyclic rates. The demand for Sure Cycle systems for guns other than the two original models has now led to the creation of fifteen Sure Cycle systems for shotguns of five different manufacturers.

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