What The Pro's Say About Sure Cycle and "Terror" Chokes

Professionals from across the country have used our products and returned with rave reviews asking us to post their assessment on our website. We have graciously accepted and have thus compiled a list of these accolades separated into categories associated with the product. Please click the product line for a list of testimonials.

Nick G.

You guys saved me with my Beretta Pintail. The original recoil tube broke. Only replacement I found was yours. Outstanding product! The machine work was perfect. Thanks for remembering these older guns. Without your system I would have a parts gun. Thanks again.


Matthew G.

I just wanted to give you guys a big thanks, I use both your surecycle recoil system and had you guys seal my gas piston. This past weekend is literally the first time I have felt complete satisfaction with my FN SLP MK1 shotgun. I could not be more pleased and will be sure to send more business your way. If I buy any more shotguns I will be sure to have you guys do work on it or buy my parts from you guys. Thanks for everything! 


Lance B.

I finally had a chance to test out the new piston: now she runs like a swiss watch!  Thanks for the great service!



Just wanted to say "thanks" for sealing the piston on my new FNH SLP.   I was ready to sell that gun at a big loss before I found your company mentioned in a forum of other SLP owners who also had problems cycling target loads.  Now it cycles every cheap load I feed it with no FTF or FTE issues.  I know now this gun was really not designed to shoot light loads but who can afford to go out and shoot a couple hundred heavy rounds in an afternoon?  For sure - not me!  And it's not like the manufacturer is going to tell you that before you buy one.  You guys are the best. 


Doug W.

Just wanted to say Thank You for the job you did on my gas piston for my Winchester SX2 Practical.  Before your modification I couldn't shoot/cycle 2 3/4 dram 12 gauge shells.  The gun would fire and eject but not load a new shell.  I installed the modified piston as soon as I received it and just did a test fire of the gun.  Super Happy.  Fired, ejected and loaded 2 3/4 dram loads. 

Again Thank You!


"Terror" Choke Testimonials
"Ring-Bill" Gombold

Hello Jeff, Here's a note to let you know how well your TERROR chokes really work in a wide variety of guns and loads. I've got them for all of our 'family guns' from Browning 10ga Gold to Winchester, Benelli and Berettas in 12ga and 20ga. We handload and shoot both steel and Tungsten and I've spent a lot of time at the pattern board with each gun, choke and load. I've gone through factory and a number of aftermarket chokes and their results just can't come consistently close enough to be anywhere near what the TERROR chokes have been showing me on pattern papers and in the marsh and field. I've got a hunting partner that was a little skeptical, but no more. He'll be calling you and ordering up for his Benelli before fall. Great Job! "Ring-Bill" Gombold Squaw Lake, Minnesota


Jason Caswell

Jeff, I wanted to send you a note about your Terror chokes. I picked up some for hunting and some for collecting geese in the arctic. Having shot a PM for years I can say there is no comparison. Your chokes consistently give me dense even patterns and routinely kill geese at 70+ yards by laser range finder. Good work, I'll be ordering more. Jason Caswell Canadian Olympic Shotgun Team Ph.D. Candidate University of Saskatoon Canadian Wildlife Service.

Tom Matus

My first hunt with the 700 TERROR choke was fantastic. The choke killed ducks better than any other choke I have shot. Whether birds flushed at 25 or 40 yards, the TERROR choke had them belly up. The bonus was a banded mallard on my first shot with the TERROR. Thanks for a great product. Tom Matus - Idaho


Steve Panaroni

The new Sure Cycle Terror tubes absolutely terrorize waterfowl. In my thirty plus years of shotgunning, I have never seen such devastating patterns from a shotgun. The rules have changed. You can now effectively kill birds at 70 to 80 yards consistently with all types of ammo. For the past six months I have used these chokes with amazing results. I've compared patterns and loads with other high performance choke tubes and the Terror tube has outperformed all of them almost 2 to 1 in pellet counts. Snow geese are no longer safe when they stall out at 70 yards. With this choke you can now terrorize them! The Terror tube is a must for any waterfowler. Steve Panaroni - professional waterfowling guide.


David Gerhart

Hello Jeff, I wanted to give you some feedback on the Terror choke you sent me for my new Benelli Crio. The choke fits fine & I shot a few patterns this past weekend. The choke was GREAT with HS #4's. Better than any factory choke that came with the gun. Shot some 1 oz lead loads & again GREAT patterns . I will update you when I take a day & do some serious pattern work. To say the least ,I am very happy with the choke. Also the 655 I shoot in my original SBE is DEADLY with HS on geese & turkeys. I have shot 3 turkeys with it now. The latest bird was a tom I shot Sat @ 18 steps with a load of 1 3/4 #5 HS. Needless to say his head was like jello. THANKS Again for a GREAT product. Regards, David Gerhart.


Greg Spaight

Jeff: Got the Terror choke in on Wednesday - took it out for a field trial this weekend on big geese - absolutely AWESOME - pattern with 3.5 BB at 1550 hit hard close in and held together further out. Thanks for making such a great product - I can finally stop shopping around for choke tubes. Only problem now is gonna be what to do with the rest of my choke collection...ebay here I come. Again, many thanks, Greg.


Vinny Pandolfo

Recieved the .675 Terror Tube three days ago. Thank you so much for the fast shpping! Due that I had the opportunity to field check the tube against my Benelli Nova 3.5' Fasteel BB (before the .675 put out a miserable pattern out to 40yrds) took a triple out past 60yds!! You just got yourself a new salesman!! Sincerely, Vinny Pandolfo.


Joel Salzman

Jeff- Just wanted you to know how pleased I was with my new 0.655 Terror choketube. I was able to pattern it last weekend, and I must say I was very impressed with the patterns it threw from my Beretta Xtrema with 2 oz 3.5 inch Winchester Supreme 5's and 6's. Not only did I have 30-50 pellets in the kill zone at 40 yards, the patterns were the most evenly distributed I've ever seen come from a turkey load. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work! Best regards- Joel Salzman Marinette, WI


Stephen Pitt

Jeff, I’ve got two words for your new Browning 10 gauge .705 Terror choke tube for turkey hunting, 'SIMPLY INCREDIBLE'. I shoot a Browning 10 gauge with Hevi-shot #5 and highly recommend them to anyone. On opening morning of the Tennessee turkey season, I killed a turkey flying at 56 yards and the turkey DID NOT flop once. While cleaning the bird, we found pellets that had completely gone through the longbeard’s breast and head. The next morning I killed another longbeard that weighed 23 lbs and 3 ounces at 44 yards, and once again he DID NOT flop. I have killed turkeys with the same gun and loads at closer ranges and had them flop for a while, but not with the .705 terror choke tube. I have complete confidence in my gun now and I know have the advantage over the turkeys. THANKS, Stephen Pitt


Garrett Schmidbauer

Jeff, I wanted to write to give praise to you guys on your R&D with these "TERROR" chokes. I have patterned my .655 and .675 with everything from Hevi to Fasteel....patterns were phenomenal. What got my buddies on the bandwagon was a day in the goose blind..Fasteel 1 3/8 oz. #1's out of my Xtrema and the birds fell like cast iron safes from a plane. I use my .655 to bag gobblers in the fall and spring to boot. I just wanted to thank you for keeping my patterns tight. If I can spread the word in anyway or help you out. Please let me know how. Great product!!! The utmost of thanks, Garrett Schmidbauer


Larry Seaman

I am a Bayman from Queens, NY and I have recently purchased Remington’s new SPARTAN autoloader. Upon patterning with the factory chokes, I was left disappointed with their performance. I then turned to people on the Internet to find me the best all around gunning choke on the market. Time and time again people referred me to your .675 "TERROR" choke tube. The name alone impressed me, and combined with the info I had received, I bought the tube last week. Being it didn't arrive till the second weekend of early goose season, I was forced to shoot the stock chokes and keep my shots close in. Well the following morning that the choke arrived, I headed out with the choke installed on my gun wondering if this choke would really live up to its name and hype...BOY DID IT EVER!!!!...I have enclosed a picture of the results that morning. Being we’re into the second week of the season, the birds have gotten educated fast, but I was still able to put down four birds by 8 AM. What amazed me was the reach out and knockdown power my gun had now that your tube was installed. I was shooting 3.5" Kent Fasteel 1550fps #2's and crushed all four geese stone dead, with one being at what looked to be 50 yards. I can not stress what a difference in killing power I noticed shooting the TERROR tube over the stock Spartan tubes, and I dare even say how much more power then my buddy’s Patternmaster on his SBE. Again, I just want to thank you all at Sure Cycle for making such an impressive piece of waterfowling equipment, and for giving me yet another day of great waterfowling memories !!!!!!!!!!!!


Sure Cycle System Testimonials
Phil Robertson

"Duck Hunters, these boys at Sure Cycle are better with shotguns than I am with ducks. They make mediocre shotguns great, and great shotguns even better!!! Demand dependability. The folks at Sure Cycle are the best." Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander".

Doug Martin

The Sure Cycle came today and it installed in 15 minutes. I thought you would appreciate the pictures of what came out. The original equipment was no longer functioning, as you can see corrosion was pretty bad and the inertia spring would no longer keep the bolt closed. My last hunt with it was a sightseeing trip. I can’t wait for this weekend. Doug Martin - Carson City


Dave Wylde

Hi Jeff, and good morning. I received the M3 tube [ 16" one] this morning, and just cut the front of the old tube off the shotgun, and fitted the new one. Its a perfect fit, and the gun is now 11 + 1. I am absolutely delighted with your product, the quality is superb....but i am even more impressed with your delivery times and outstanding customer service, especially as I'm not even in the USA, but England. We will be doing more business Sir, and I will be directing my friends and customers towards your products too. Please feel free to use this mail in your website testimonials. Your new friend, Dave.


David Sanders

Hello Sure Cycle, I was experiencing cycling problems with my AL391camo Urika about a year after I purchased the gun...I kept it clean....this gun sees a lot of rounds soooo....I installed a new factory recoil spring...yet would still have the occasional hang-up....stumbled onto your website....ordered and installed a Sure Cycle system....hunted the entire 2005 season...without a cycle failure....and here's the biggie.....I did not clean the gun once....thank you for an awesome product....."Sure-Cycle"....don't even think about leaving home with-out it!!! Best regards, David H. Sanders.


Rod Haydel

Shawn, Just got back from the gun club. AWESOME! The tube is everything you said it is. It's rare to find a company to make aftermarket parts better than the factory but Sure Cycle has done it with Sure Cycle. I can actually tell the difference while shooting skeet. No more of that double shuck feeling when the gun cycles the second shot with the added assurance of no problem in the duck blind! Thanks for producing such a fine product. Every serious duck hunter should have one installed. Sincerely, Rod Haydel


Mark Caron

Jeff, Got your cycling system on my gun and went and shot on Sunday. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! I cannot tell you the way this gun feels now. The action works (don't get your fingers in the way boys and girls) like a bear trap and the felt recoil is down by at least 20%. With your permission I will get your name on my shooting gear for the 2000 season and introduce your product to the rest of the team. Thanks, Mark Caron


Dave Hall

I bought my Beretta® A390 in May of 1995. I hunt in both salt and freshwater marsh and clean my gun thoroughly as soon as I return to my truck. Though my A390 is an expensive shotgun, I have experienced cycle failures in each of the four seasons I have used it. Last season I only hunted for four days (birth of a daughter) and experienced two cycle failures! When I disassembled the cycling mechanism in the stock, the spring was massively corroded (almost broken through about 1 inch from the end). In addition there was a substantial kink about 2 inches from where the spring inserts in the follower. Together these problems made the action cycle poorly, leading to cycle failures. I installed a Sure Cycle mechanism this Spring. The entire installation took about 15 minutes, from a completed assembled gun containing the old mechanism to a completely assembled gun with the installed Sure Cycle. The difference after installation was remarkable. The action closes with authority and, coupled with the Stainless Steel construction, I envisage no cycle failures in the future. So far I have shot several hundred rounds through the weapon (mostly #8 skeet, fifty or so #2 steel and a dozen or so buckshot loads) with no cycle failures. The cycle time between shots is unbelievably short. So far I have been extremely impressed by the quality and functioning of the Sure Cycle. A season in the marsh this Fall will be the true test, and I believe I will be writing next Spring to say how impressive it functioned." Dave Hall - Texas


Michael Horsely

I stood in a frozen corn field this past winter with a $600 Semi Auto single shot shotgun while wave after wave of mallards dropped around my friends and I. My Beretta® AL390 would not cycle the second, much less the third shells into the chamber. I immediately found Jeff and his Sure Cycle system through friends on the internet. He said his system would take care of my problem and it has. I have not had a slow or no cycle in my Beretta since, in fact the cycle seems much faster than original. I can't wait to shoot an entire season with the new system. Thanks!!" Michael Horsely - Tennessee


Glynn A. Long

Your sure cycle turned my Beretta® AL 390 from a piece of junk to the finest shooting of my 12 duck guns. GREAT product! Sincerely, Judge Glynn A. Long (ret.) Pierre Part LA.


Ken Versluis

Myself, Scott and Jamey all installed the new Sure Cycle Recoil Spring Tube System in our Guns, 2 SBE's and 1 Beretta A390. The installation was a snap in the SBE's...probably about 15 minutes in all. Once you get the Tube off the receiver all is simple. My tip for getting the old tube off the receiver is to not to be worried about being too careful...throw the receiver in a padded vice and put a pair of Vice Grips on it close to the receiver and torque away...it will come off. The Beretta was a little more difficult, just because of the design of the gun, but anyone can handle it. You could notice the difference in speed of return right off the bat by just opening and closing the bolt. The true test was in the firing. The Benelli®, you could notice a difference in the cycling and speed of firing from the old one pretty noticeably. We fired approximately a box thru each gun and never had a bit of trouble, each load locked up very quickly and tightly with no hesitation at all. The big difference was in the Beretta. I have just one word for it INCREDIBLE!!!! The speed the gun picked up by just installing this tube kit was nothing short of a miracle. The Beretta also fired a box of shells with no hitches. In closing on this product...anyone with a Beretta or Benelli, you are short changing yourself if you are using the factory tube recoil system, in my opinion... It is a must have!! Ken Versluis - Moline, IL.


Dale Yates

Hey guys this thing is fantastic................It shoots so smooth and fast that I can't believe it!...Every type of load that I tried, doesn't matter...Just like you said it would!. Best aftermarket product that I have ever bought! Thanks, Dale Yates


Jon Ogilvie

I have one Sure Cycle in my first (Limited Edition) Diamond Grade Beretta 390 and I just bought a second (Limited Edition) Diamond Grade Beretta 390. The gun has functioned flawlessly for a number of years since I put the Sure Cycle in it. I would like to buy a second Sure Cycle. Thanks, Jon Ogilvie NSCA Level 3 Instructor Asst. National Coach for the US Shooting Team/USA SHOOTING.


Greg Williams

Jeff, I wanted to thank you personally for the swift and accurate service and advice you gave me concerning my 11-87 shotgun. My Dad and I ended up chiseling off the factory "thimball" nut that had welded itself to the threads. Just like you said, after that it was a breeze. We did bugger up some of the threads and had to do some filing to get your hex nut on, but when it did finally go on I felt like I had a brand new firearm. Man what a difference it made. It appears there is less felt recoil and my 11-87 cycles like a dream. I now have a Beretta Silver Mallard that will probably get the same attention when I can afford it. I'm hoping the installation will go a little better on the 390. You may use this for publicity if you so desire. Thanks for a great product and excellent service! Greg Williams Duck Hunter from North Carolina


Robert G. Scott

I bought a new Browning Gold Sport a while back. No matter what I did to it or how I cleaned it, it would not go more than eighty shots with my reloads without slowing down. So, I was in the undesireable position of having to spray oil in at during registered shoots which is very distracting. I had a local gentleman install one of your Sure Cycle stainless steel spring and tube systems. First of all I was highly impressed with the quality of it compared to the original. It was obvious that the original was not completely decompressing its entire link. In any event, to test the improvement, I shot a total in excess of five hundred rounds over several days without cleaning it. I did not have one malfunction and it ejected and closed quite smartly for the entire time. I finally cleaned it due to an important shoot that was coming up, but I have had zero problems ever since. I clean it every now and then just to be safe, but it doesn't slow down on me any more. It is well worth the price. I have recommend it to other shooters and those that bought them agreed that it is an excellent product. You have my thanks and congratulations. Good luck in every thing you do. Sincerely yours, Robert G. Scott Bloomfield Hills, MI


Chapman Olive

Hello Jeff, I have a number of surecycles from you for my Benelli shotguns. I also have custom stocks. A couple of years ago I sent all the guns to you because they still would not cycle reliably. You are the only one who figured out the problem, that the new stocks made the guns too heavy, changed the inertia or mass of the guns just enough that they would not cycle. I finally convinced the stock maker and he redid the stocks hollowing them out and removing any wood he could to make them lighter without changing the essential shape of the stock. Well I just returned from a quail trip to Mexico where the three of us in our party (all using Surecycles in our Benelli 20's) fired approximately 500 rounds each at quail and doves. We had almost no problems with the shells ejecting, even though these were really light cheap Mexican game loads. Thanks again for your great product and keep up the good work. I continue to send more business your way. Chapman Olive


John F

Hello, Thank you for your unbelievable response. Your customer service is the best I have ever seen. You should give lessons to a lot of companies. Thanks a million !! P.S. Your customer service is a lot better than mine. As an Assistant D.A., I throw my customers in jail.