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Sure Cycle FAQ’s

In an ongoing effort to serve you better, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. However, if you have a question that is not below, or would like more clarification, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.


Do your products carry a warranty?

Sure Cycle Performance Products provides a limited lifetime guarantee on all products. Your satisfaction is paramount to our success and we will do everything within reason to assure your confidence in our products and our company.


Exactly what does the recoil spring tube system do?

The recoil spring tube system controls the cycling action of your semi-automatic shotgun by returning the bolt forward, which in turn pulls the next shell from the magazine.

Where is this system located?

The recoil tube system is attached to the rear of the receiver and is contained within the stock of the shotgun.

Why would I need to replace this system?

There are several reason for replacing the factory recoil spring system. Here are a few of them. First, the factory recoil systems in most shotguns are made of low-grade steel and most contain plastic parts within the system. In a short time it will begin rusting and corroding. This will cause reduced cycling performance and eventually the factory spring will fail. Second, many factory systems have trouble cycling light target or game loads reliably or cannot fire them at all. Third, and most important, is confidence in your shogun’s performance. The worries of ruined hunts or matches are no longer a problem. You will have total confidence in your shotgun’s performance.

How is the Sure Cycle system different from the factory system?

The Sure Cycle system is manufactured of all stainless steel components. It will never rust or corrode, and you will never experience a decrease in cycling performance, ever! Also, the Sure Cycle system is designed to increase the cyclic rate of every shotgun, and increase their ability to reliably cycle light target and game loads. We are so confident in this system, it is warranted for the life of your shotgun!

How hard is it to install?

The system is extremely simple to install using only simple hand tools. Easy to follow, step by step instructions are provided with each system. They can also be found on the Sure Cycle Systems page. Should you encounter any problems, simply call us (636-224-2708) and we will help you get your system installed quickly. Should you prefer, you can always take your shotgun and Sure Cycle system to your local gunsmith. They will be able to install it quickly and for a very minimal charge.


What length extension will come flush with my 26″ barreled shotgun?

We list the actual lengths of our extensions, due to the fact that factory magazine tubes vary in length. Simply measure from the end of your shotgun’s factory magazine tube out to the muzzle. This length will determine the proper extension size. For example, a Benelli SBE with a 26-inch barrel can accommodate a 6-shot extension, but a Beretta Xtrema requires a 30-inch barrel for the same length extension.

Why a stainless steel tube and not an aluminum tube?

Utilizing stainless steel allows the inside of the tube to be machined to an extremely smooth mirror-like finish. This allows both the additional rounds, follower, and spring to operate smoother, and eliminates grooves from being worn inside an aluminum tube. Stainless tubes can be more precisely machined to ensure an exact flush contact point to the existing OEM tube, resulting in a perfect smooth finish.

Can I use my existing magazine tube follower with the Sure Cycle System?

Yes. If you wish to use the OEM follower you can. However, some manufactures have switched to plastic followers for cost saving. While they can be used, we recommend the aluminum follower.

The spring that came with my Sure Cycle System is much longer than the OEM spring.

The extra spring length is needed to push the heavier payload of rounds down the tube.

Can I use a Sure Cycle Mag tube extension that sticks out beyond the muzzle of the gun?

Yes. This is very common among thee gunners and competition shooters using Sure Cycle Tubes. You will experience a lot of buildup of powder and residue on the top side of the tube that can be easily wiped off. Do not add any type of clamp or accessory to the tube beyond the barrel length.

I ordered a shorter tube (2, 3 shot). It does not seem I need the clamp that came with it.

We include a clamp with all of the tubes. The 2 and 3 shot tubes can be used without the clamp if desired.

After shooting a while, the clamp seemed to loosen and move. Is this normal?

It is recommended that you cover the area of the barrel that the clamp tightens to with a small section of electrical tape. This will give it a firm hold area and usually avoid the barrel from having any type of mark, rub or scratch.

I lost the directions for installation. Where can I find another copy?

Directions for install are available on the Magazine Extension Tube page.

Can you Cerakote a tube with a custom color?

Yes. If you are looking for this option please let us know. Pricing will only be quoted per request.